“My mom tried to pay for the activation last week through the World Puja website, but since she never used Paypal before, she couldn't figure out how to send the money. However, she stated in her mind that she wanted to receive it, and she would try again over the weekend to send the money. Well, she forgot about the activation and sending the money. Then yesterday, a little after lunch on the day of the activation, suddenly she felt different like something happened. Hari Baba popped in her mind and she remembered about the activation. She received the activation even though she didn't say anything to anyone. The upstairs department however heard her request. She will be signing up for all of the future activations. Intention or willingness to do something seems to be as good as it's weight in gold. Thank you Hari Baba and all involved in the World Puja activations. Joe Weaver, Raleigh, North Carolina



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Remote Light Activations with Hari Das Baba – John Armitage

Uplifting Support for Personal and Planetary Transformation
























Recognizing the Earth and humanity's rapidly changing chemistry and the calling for all to return to the truth of who they are as Beings of light & love, lifetime channel to the Multidimensional Masters of Light and world renown homeopathic Doctor, master teacher & healing facilitator John Armitage now offers a rich spectrum of healing, awakening and vibrational support to those who are seeking to more fully embody their Divine Self through love, self empowerment, and self–mastery. 


Born with the ability to both see and traverse multidimensionally, John knew from the very early days of his life that he would be involved in assisting Mother Earth and humanity to heal and to move through the process of Ascension which is now in full bloom. He has initiated many projects around the world to assist in the anchoring of Light & Love on Planet Earth.  Now, for the first time ever, he offers a global sharing of the Divine Energy, Blessings, and Wisdom of the Ages to support the process of personal transformation through his Remote WORLD PUJA Activations!


This format allows for anyone, anywhere in the world to participate and to receive these Activations in the ease and comfort of their own home! 


Working together with the full support of the Ascended Multidimensional Beings of Light which he calls his Upstairs Team”, John brings through a lovely array of the lofty and uplifting frequencies of the Christ/God Consciousness and the realms of Light.  Operating in deference to the Presence of God in each One, John and the Upstairs Team that he works with allow the Wisdom within you, Your own I AM Presence to guide and to flow what is most needed at this time to assist you to your next step.  The WORLD PUJAS are a gift to humanity in this time of transition and are often described and experienced as waves of light, with feelings of love and enlightening. There is a diverse spectrum of ways that this Consciousness & Energy gifts the participant and it is always in accord with their own I AM Presence; therefore perfectly attuned to the needs in the moment. The Flow of the WORLDPUJAS Blessing is initiated starting from the very moment that you sign up!  Yes, it IS that simple! We invite you to join us for the next WORLD PUJA NOW! 









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As the Earth moves to support us into a loftier way of Being, all shall be drawn to remember their true self, as God, I AM, and their true nature, as love. The journey is LOVE, without conditions, and freedom from fear. I am love; and I offer what I can to assist you to remember who you are and to return to the way of Love.







I see you as the same divine light and love as I am



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